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Therapeutic Massage to Meet Your Needs

At Body Kneads, our massage therapists are committed to delivering exceptional experiences for each and every patient. Tailoring each session to meet your unique needs and preferences, we offer a variety of massage styles to choose from. While every massage is customized to suit the individual, here are some of the popular techniques we use to care for our patients.


Swedish massage is a full-body technique designed to alleviate stress and ease tension in joints and muscles. It uses long, flowing strokes and targeted kneading to address the outer layers of muscle tissue, leaving you feeling rejuvenated from head to toe. 


The fascia is a vital connective tissue layer beneath the skin that serves to connect, support, and isolate muscles and organs. Myofascial release massage aims to restore harmony to your body by alleviating muscle tension within the fascia using gentle and elongated strokes.

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Prenatal massage is a great way to enhance circulation and alleviate pregnancy-related discomfort, promoting better sleep and reducing tension and anxiety. Rest assured, we provide ultimate support with special pregnancy pillows to ensure your comfort and safety, allowing you to relax facedown with your belly fully supported.


Deep-tissue massages are designed to release tension, alleviate blockages, and untangle muscle knots for the ultimate therapeutic relief. By targeting deep-seated tensions with focused pressure, deep-tissue massages are great for promoting improved circulation, flexibility, and overall well-being.


Whether you're looking to enhance your athletic performance or seeking relief, sports massage works wonders for the weekend warrior and fitness enthusiasts. This technique is offered to promote flexibility, expedite muscle recovery, alleviate muscle strains, and supports the healing of injuries. 

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Our personalized massages, tailored to meet your specific needs, are priced at $94 for a one-hour session. For a longer therapeutic experience, we also offer 2-hour massages for $188. While tipping your massage therapist is not mandatory, it's a wonderful way to show your appreciation for their hard work and skill if you enjoyed your session. 


To fairly compensate our massage therapists for lost time due to last-minute cancellations, Body Kneads enforces a 24-hour cancellation policy. If a cancellation occurs with less than 24-hour notice, the patient will incur a charge equivalent to half the price of the scheduled massage, which will be processed using the credit or debit card on file. As per this policy, we kindly ask that you have your card details prepared for our team to securely store when booking your initial massage appointment.

Add-Ons & Specials

Add-Ons & Specials

Elevate your massage experience with our add-on services to deliver an additional therapeutic approach, alleviate muscle tension, and provide focused relief to specific areas of concern. These therapeutic enhancements can be integrated into your 1- or 2-hour massage session for an additional $37.


Experience natural relief from migraine symptoms through a holistic approach that combines cold stone therapy, essential oils, and pressure point massage. This method not only helps alleviate migraine headaches but also promotes a restored sense of balance and harmony.


Hot stone therapy uses strategically placed warm stones to penetrate deep into your muscles. This gentle warmth provides a unique and effective way to release tension, improve circulation, and help your muscles recover from built-up stress. 

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Our premium CBD massage cream delivers a soothing experience, easing tension, relaxing muscle tissue, alleviating stress and anxiety, and providing additional relief from pain. CBD massage cream is a fantastic addition that elevates the overall therapeutic benefits of the massage experience.


Your Time is Our Priority

Never gotten a massage with us before? Welcome, we're so excited to meet you! Prior to your massage, we have a bit of intake paperwork for you to complete to help ensure you receive the best care possible. To save time during your visit, feel free to download, print, and complete the appropriate intake form below and bring it in during your scheduled appointment! Rather fill it out before your massage? No worries. Just come to your appointment 10 minutes early so we make sure to not cut into your hour massage time. 

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