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More Than Just a Luxury

At Body Kneads, we believe that getting a massage is more than just a luxury. Massage therapy is a powerful tool used to help improve one's health and overall life. Research shows that massage therapy can reduce sports-related injuries, improve circulation, reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, decrease back pain, and help decrease stress, depression, and anxiety. 

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Your One Stop to Wellness

Body Kneads Massage is partnered with and shares a facility with Northern Life Wellness Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, one of Minnesota's largest Chiropractic clinics. At Body Kneads, it is our mission to not only help our clients relax but to treat their concerns and boost their overall health. The combination of massage therapy and chiropractic care enables a more effective body healing process and a better, more comfortable life! A chiropractic adjustment is used to realign the spine, improve joint mobility, the nervous system, and neuromuscular function. Furthermore, massage therapy is used to relax and lengthen tight muscles, fascia, and tendons that have become inflamed and irritated. 


Many of our clients started out as or became patients at Northern Life because many discover that chiropractic and massage therapy are the perfect pair. 

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